Childcare Centre


Childcare Centre

420 € For a Child Care Centre near Cape Town


After months of Covid-19-related lockdown, the kindergarten was finally allowed to reopen in July 2020, but with very strict hygiene requirements. Implementing these measures required the purchase of disinfectants, mouth-nose coverings for all children, fever thermometers, and materials for marking distances and pathways. 

In order to make the quick reopening possible, we launched this crowdfunding campaign and were able to collect a total of 420,- Euro within a few weeks. Many thanks to all supporters!

The Child Care Centre

The child care centre is part of a holistic education project in a suburb of Cape Town. It was founded in 2004 with the aim of comprehensively and sustainably improving the educational opportunities of needy children from low-income families in Sir Lowry’s Pass Village.

In addition to the child-care cenre, there is a children’s village as well as an elementary school and high school. The organization’s programs provide education, social skills, sports and music activities, and daily meals to approximately 500 children.

In the kindergarten, 120 children between the ages of 2 and 5 are cared for by qualified educators and taught through play in accordance with the curricula of the Ministry of Education. The aim is to awaken the curiosity for the unknown, as well as to teach the basics of everyday hygiene and how to interact with other children. The kindergarten prepares the little ones in the best possible way for the preschool class. 

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The "ChildCare Centre" Team

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After finishing her studies in February 2020, Laura (24) wanted to volunteer for the Hope and Light Child Care Centre. Unfortunately, she had to cut short her stay in South Africa after just a few days due to Covid-19 and she had to travel back to Germany after having been in the country for 7 days. Nevertheless, Cape Town inspired her during these few days - not only the landscape, but especially the helpfulness and warmth of the people. Therefore, she followed our call and got involved in our Virtual Volunteer Programme to support the child care centre through this fundraiser.


antje n bw

I co-founded live&learn with the vision to support non-profit organisations in South Africa in their efforts to build a socially and ecologically just society. When we realized that because of the international travel bans we will not be able to provide our partners with helping hands of international volunteers, we looked for other creative ways to support our partners. This is how the idea of our virtual volunteer programme and the live&lrearn Foundation was born.


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